Translated and tweaked By Sofisan

I will give these instructions in UK terms with US terms in brackets.

Start by chaining 23, turn.

Row 1: Make a treble stitch (us, double crochet) in the eighth chain from the needle

* chain 2, skip two chains, make a tr (dc) in the next chain. Repeat from * to end, turn work. 

Row 2: Chain 5, make 1 tr (dc) in the first tr (dc) from the needle,

 *chain 2, make 1 tr (dc) in the next tr (dc). 

 Repeat from * until you run out of trebles (doubles), chain 2, skip two chains, make one tr (dc) in the next chain, turn work. 

Row 3,4,5,6: same as Row 2

Row 7: chain 1, make three double crochet (single crochet) in the first "hole" of the grid

*make two dc (sc) each in the next three "holes",

chain 10, turn work, make 1 dc (sc) above the second tr (dc) from the left corner,

turn work again, make 2 dc (sc) around the chain you just made,

then chain three,

repeat the (make 2 dc (sc) around the chain,  chain 3) four more times,

(This is the point where I tweaked the pattern a little)
make two dc (sc) around the chain, (this shuld bring you back to where you turned the first time) make one dc (sc) into the next tr (dc),

make 6 dc (sc) around the corner.

Repeat from* to end but in last corner only dc (sc) three, and join with a slip stitch.

Row 8: * Chain 8, 

 make 1 dc (sc) in the second 3-chain,

 chain 10, 1dc (sc) in the fouth 3-chain, 

 chain 8, 1 dc around the middle of the next corner.

 (it should look something like this)

  repeat to end. 

 Row 9: * dc (sc) 8 around the chain of eight, dc (sc) 10 around the chain of ten, 
dc 8 around the next chain of eight. repeat from * to end.

 And end with a slip st in the first chain of this round.

and ta-daa!

This is my first ever tutorial so if any thing is strange or you don't understand some part of it just ask me about it in the comments or on my mail. Thank you!