fredag 29 juli 2011

Progress report.

Ok, so where have I been?
Right here actually just really pregnant and exausted and that made me have too cut down on stuff I do but I missed blogging so I will try to post every now and then instead of trying to post all the time and just not keeping up. If there are no posts for weeks, then so be it!

And now I will give you a update of the things I have completed in the time I've been away.
First: The Elefant and cardigan I made for my childhood friends new baby!

Lets start with the cardigan!
It was a free pattern from a collection of baby patterns from knitting daily. It was super fast and I loved it. And the yarn was the grey acrylic yarn from the fuzzy drawer. Instead of the button that the pattern called for I crocheted a small flower, a Mollie flower, another free pattern but this time from Roman Sock.

I also sewed a elefant from old scraps of vintage fabrics! This patten I made up myself. I struggled a bit but in the end I loved the result!

Now, about the pictures I just snapped a few pics before I wrapped them up and all the pics of the elephant was really weird so for you to be able to see what the elephant looked like I had to tinker quite hard with the colours and therefore the backgrounds look so radioactive...

Oh, and yea I like wrapping presents almost as much as I like making them...

I also finished one more pillow front, for the ten pillows. But all those things where done long ago, Today I finished:
A Mollie flower hair band and complimentary hair clip!
And a birthday card to go with it!
Now it is just the wrapping left to do, looking forward to that!

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  1. Just love your mollie flowers! How did you attach the bead?