torsdag 28 april 2011

Meet my yarn, part 2. "the Indian acrylic"

Here we go: this weeks Meet my yarn!
Today we meet the acrylic my sister got me from her last four mounths stay in India. Well ok she got it for herself and acctually knitted a hat from it but when she got home she realised this was a bit more than she would ever use. So she (bless her soul) passed it on to me.

It is, according to her, what all the Indian women knit cardigans with and use to make pullovers for their husbands. At least the ones that were kind enough to teach her a little knitting (if I remember correctly). 
This yarn is a very "glittery" acrylic I have never seen this kind of glittery yarn in Europe. It has absolutely sublime colouring though I just love the deep but still bright colors. And it is soft to touch, softer than it looks. So becouse of that and the fact that it is a washable yarn (lets hope) makes me think of baby stuff. .

But I need too make some sort of test wash becouse everything from India I have washed so far has bleed like nothing else. I think they just don't use the same washing methods we do.
First I would like to make something small like a baby-hoodie maby this one. And then I wanted to make a big blanket in intarsia, I have a dream of using vintage embroidery patterns and transforming them into intarsia. 
But if that turns out to be to big a challenge I think I will just knit squares in garter stich and alternate the direction of them when I stitch them together. I hate seeming though so we will see what I feel is more of the pain in the but to me.
As usual, thanx for letting me ramble about what I think I might like to do with my yarn. And please feel free to comment...

onsdag 27 april 2011

Birthday party! Sofa and skull cake.

I am a little behind on my knitting this week and the reason is we had a birthday! Z my husband, a.k.a "the best man ever", turned 28 so now we are the same age for a few months. We had set the birthday gathering as the "last day too finish" and that of course meant we had a thousand and one things to do this easter week. but on the other hand the place looks fab! Ok, you wanna see what took the most time?

 Yes we sewed a cower for the sofa! And I like so much I have made little dances in my living room.
As you understand I did not have any money too spend on this project. But I had a lot of fabric laying around. No piece big enough to cover the entire sofa and the two pillows we had stored away for later, But it was definitely enough all together. So I started my first ever quilting project and I'll tell you we were not friends the entire time. I am so happy to have a husband who is better at sewing than me and can save me when I get in over my head. And the result is a lot etter than I ever thought it would be!
Oh so you spotted that baby blanket did you? well I made that a few years ago for me but now we will actually have a baby for it!

And I just had to show you the sandwich-cakes (do you even have that word in english) me and my mom did for the birthday-boy. creepy I know...

tisdag 26 april 2011

Happy easter!

 I know I am a bit lte but I wanted you too see this little mini terrarium I made from an clear plastic egg we got for easter! I am so in love with it!
That's all hope you have  had a happy easter time and found little things to make you all giddy!

onsdag 20 april 2011

Meet my yarn, part 1. "shawl drawer"


I will introduce you too some of my yarn every week and that way we will get to know the stash we are trying to get rid of here. I must admitt my stash is not bigger than some out there and since I have had a no buying policy in place for some time most of it I have got for free.This is a good thing for the simple reason of it's free but a bit annoying because I don't know what it is most of the time. When some one is going true there stash and give me a few odd balls of something they had left over from a project that usually means they still have the tags but when it is what was left from a shawl or even a UFO they could let me frog just to get rid of it, Then it has no tags and I am left guessing...  Today we will meet the "shawl drawer" and there is a LOT of those unidentified yarns in there.
It is called the shawl drawer because it is yarn that I would make shawls out of even if some of it is too small amounts for it.

 This is a yarn that I got in the form of a UFO that I frogged. It is a big ball of yarn and I am thinking something water-inspired, some sort of shawl pattern for it anyway.
This is a small ball of a lovely green laceweight I don't know what's in it but it feels like a silkblend of some sort but there is definitely some wool in it too it has the loveliest slightly varied colour and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it

This is  what's left after I did a shawlet for my mom and it is a super soft merino I think, maby a blend. It is a dream to work with and I am making matching fingerless mitts for her from this.

A great shawl yarn again, green wool blend shuld have some cotton in it or something. fantstic spring green no idea what to do with t.

Once again a small amount of a super pretty, and really thin yarn. this is really silky, and I think no wool at all. Lovely varied blue, no plan.

Ok and the last one a pastel fest, lots of colours but really ligh. I have already made a child sized icarus from this and I think I can get one more out of it, and I think maby I will.

Thanks for watching!

måndag 18 april 2011

Project no 3. Sally cardigan KAL!

The bunny rattle is finished and I have started on a new project that is also a Knit a Long! I've never done a KAL before so I am a super exited and a tad scared that I won't keep up. But I love the pattern and my colours. They are not as vintage as I wanted to start out with but I will probably get a lot more use out of thees than a more vintage colour combo.

lördag 16 april 2011

Bunny rattle Taa dah! Project no. 2 is finished.

The bunny rattle is done and it is not yet monday! I am super proud of myself for not pushing it until the last minute. Ok, I have to eat something but you get to see all the pictures!

torsdag 14 april 2011

Bunny rattle! Project no. 2

So I told you about the bunny rattle I'm making for my cousins baby and I told you it was supposed to be finished by Monday but I didn't tell you much else so here comes the project description for you.
First the yarn: 
It is an acrylic called lady from Järbo garn, it was a present from my husband. One of those supprise yarns from the supermarket. Cute and very well meant but not a great yarn to have laying around taking up space for a fiber snob like myself. For a baby toy though it is great, machine washable, sucking-friendly colours and matches the hat and cardi I already knit for this baby...

Aaaand the Bunny pattern I'm using is this. I'm just putting a small rattle made from the inside of a Kinder egg inside the head of the bunny.
And I think I will make it without even breaking a sweat! This is what I got done today! So glad about that! And also very happy about the fantastic weather that lets me sit outside in the sun and knit!

First project!

Ok, I have been moving to a new apartment in the same building and being ill on top of that but now we are back on track! I have started the first project on this stash-busting mission and I love it!

The yarn is a aade long artistic and It is magic the way the colour change soooo slow. I am truly loving it. I do think this yarn is a bit rough and it is not a next too the skin yarn but the colours make it all wort it and it makes really warming shawls.

The pattern is the Greek revival shawl that is a free pattern i found through ravelry. I had some trouble with the chart (I don't knit lace from written instructions) but now I am getting the hang of it and it is working out really good!

I am still really in love with this project and I think the yarn and the pattern is a perfect match, almost masculine. But this is a very slow project and will take a very long time so I'll have too fit in smaller short stuff in between to not get fed up with it all!
So too start that I have made a challenge for myself, I am gonna make a bunny rattle for my cousins baby that I am seeing on Monday! Yes I know what day it is today and I am aware that I still need to unpack stuff and sew a cower for the new sofa but hey whats life without a little challenge?