måndag 31 oktober 2011

Knitted for the baby!

So I know I haven't been here a lot but don't think that means I haven't been knitting because I have! I have knitted a pullover vest for the baby so he could look a bit dressed up for a wedding!

 I have knitted a colourwork cardigan for him that I started before he came and so I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl.
 See how happy he is? that's because he knows he will always have hand knitted socks growing up!

I have also crocheted a new pillow-front for the ten-pillow-front-project but that is not as fun since it has no baby in it!

I think that's all for now.

måndag 1 augusti 2011

quick Dahlia post!

A very short post with the dahlias I have grown from seed!

I am a BIG dahlia fan I love all the variations! I think they are magic! And when you grow them from seed you don't know how they will look. They can be almost anything. Except blue. And these turned out to be flat "wild" looking dahlias One in yellow and one in red and one orange yellow "painted" beauty. I am in bits over them each and every one. I cut and take them in so that the plants will make more flowers. And they seem too bloom longer in a vase than on the bush too.

fredag 29 juli 2011

Progress report.

Ok, so where have I been?
Right here actually just really pregnant and exausted and that made me have too cut down on stuff I do but I missed blogging so I will try to post every now and then instead of trying to post all the time and just not keeping up. If there are no posts for weeks, then so be it!

And now I will give you a update of the things I have completed in the time I've been away.
First: The Elefant and cardigan I made for my childhood friends new baby!

Lets start with the cardigan!
It was a free pattern from a collection of baby patterns from knitting daily. It was super fast and I loved it. And the yarn was the grey acrylic yarn from the fuzzy drawer. Instead of the button that the pattern called for I crocheted a small flower, a Mollie flower, another free pattern but this time from Roman Sock.

I also sewed a elefant from old scraps of vintage fabrics! This patten I made up myself. I struggled a bit but in the end I loved the result!

Now, about the pictures I just snapped a few pics before I wrapped them up and all the pics of the elephant was really weird so for you to be able to see what the elephant looked like I had to tinker quite hard with the colours and therefore the backgrounds look so radioactive...

Oh, and yea I like wrapping presents almost as much as I like making them...

I also finished one more pillow front, for the ten pillows. But all those things where done long ago, Today I finished:
A Mollie flower hair band and complimentary hair clip!
And a birthday card to go with it!
Now it is just the wrapping left to do, looking forward to that!

torsdag 26 maj 2011

Going up north for the weekend!

 It seems like I never get back on track with this... But I am going away again this weekend and this time I will not have internet at all. I will show you pictures from up there it is a stunning place to be, and I will try to really enjoy it and not just think about all the stuff I need to do up there.

These pictures are from last time we where up there at the beginning of April. I hope it will be a tad warmer this time...

So 'till next week, hope your weekend will be warm and relaxed.

tisdag 24 maj 2011

A walk with the husband photographed with retro camera.

 So a couple of weeks ago Me and the husband went for a walk in the park close to where we live. It's a nice "tiny forest" sort of park that goes all the way down to the water.

When we had walked almost halfway I said that I shuld have brought the camera cause all the blogs had a Walk with the husband post at that time. He got all giddy cause he had got a new smartphone for his birthday and had just got the app called retro camera. So we photographed the walk with the husbands new phone. I took the photo above of him and the dog on our half way rest by the water but he has taken all the other photos.

 Typical Stockholm waterfront. Love the sign! Both me and the husband spent a lot of time in the archipelago when we were kids. And we share that love.

The dog loved it too, Even though in this picture he is doing his best too look like a monster. And no he is not growling at the camera he is chewing his stick and has got a little wood in his teeth that is the face he makes when getting it out.

 Then we move on and get a peek of the centre of this park, the tower. This tower is the reason the park is here. It was built by the same rich dude who had all the different trees imported and planted and the fruit trees planted down in the orchard. we have old castles in Sweden but this is not one of them this is built in the twenties and made to look like the German castles he had seen.

Lots of different kinds of trees means lots of different kinds of stick.

The way up to the tower is just lovely I really like the forest feel of this place even though it is in the city.

And the retro camera app doing its job pretty good too.

This is one of my favourite places in the park it is a low stone bench that says "in remembrance of a beloved mother" It just makes me so ad and happy at the same time every time I see it.

We are getting closer... It sure is big.

Super lovely tiny blue flowers, now since I didn't have the camera there are a lot less pictures of flowers then I would have taken but the husband at least took one... 

Finally at the gate. We didn't go in there is a reasturant  in there that is a tad expensive for us but we like looking at it from the outside. Can you see the bulldog peeking out over the door? I love that!

 And yes it is majestic when you are up close, he did have a great idea when building this even though it was quite crazy. At this point the camera was put away so I'm sorry to say you won't get to see the orchard but I hope you enjoyed the peek of our walk, retro style.

måndag 23 maj 2011

The bag I made for my mom!

My mom had to spend two weeks in hospital a few weeks back and to sheer her up I made her this bag for grocery shopping. I used the free pattern from Anna Maria Horner Called love emblem and I put it on a bag.

I used scraps I had laying around and I really liked the result even though  There was much swearing and sighing at the time I made it. I don't know why I keep trying to sew. I am just no good at it, and I just get angry and sad. But then again I have such wonderfull ideas about what to sew. I need to get a seamstress, I have my husband but he is not so keen on keeping on rescuing me all the time... He didn't mind this time though since he loves my mom almost as much as I do.

torsdag 19 maj 2011

Last weeks colours of the garden!

 I can not believe how fast this week has past. I have had a few rough days and all of a sudden I am so far behind on my blogging! I have a ton of stuff to show you! The present I made for my mom when she had to spend a week in the hospital, a lovely walk me and my husband did two weeks ago (how did that not get up here yet?) and a splendid birthday celebration this weekend and of course we are having a gardenparty here at the house tonight! You will get bombarded with posts in the coming days. First though will be the garden walk from last week.

And we start with the magnificent big red tulips. They are so majestic! And theese twin ones are just by our little space in the garden.

 Right behind our chairs and table is this bush that this week is heavy with the white bows of flowers I have always seen these bushes everywhere they are the kind they put outside offices and such to make the city feel more green and I have never thought about them. Now that I have one so close I am really appreciating the beauty of the flowers!
 oh, yes and by our patch is also the ivy (I think that is the name) That I have only seen pictures of in winter So when it flowered I was chocked! They are so pretty, like mimosa.

And the plum tree is in full bloom! I just love the fruit trees in bloom It is something about that that wakes the kid in me, just getting fascinated about how that means there will be fruit later...

 And since we are on that subject, this is the apple tree, well one of them. These buds are now in full bloom but I just wanted to show you how delightfully pink the buds are even though the flowers are white.


And the pretty pretty flowers of the tiny little Japanese tree at the bottom of the garden. I think it is super lovely and I like it even more because it is a little secret.

Oh, and more tulips. This one is the one Z calls "the goth Tulip" There are maybe three or four of them and they are hard to photograph but for you lovely readers (hello four followers) I step carefully into the flowerbeds so you can get a pic af the full glory of the goth tulip.

My favourite of the tulips This spring has to bee this beauty! All by herself she stands by the Ginko tree and is she not magic?

The pink going to peach and then to yellow in the middle, Oh I am in love with this princess! The shape is just divine too. Oh I think I could be a happy tulip grower I just love them!

Ok, we are moving away from the tulips and spending some more time on the tiny delights of  the garden, the forget-me-nots that pop up here and there through out the lawn (I think they got cut yesterday though in preparation for today's party) This is one of the reasons I love my camera, to be able to catch forget-me-nots like this is a real treat I get so happy just looking at them.

And from the smallest wonders to the biggest! This tree (if someone knows the name in english please tell me) is one of my all time favourites, I just love big trees that flower and the smell of this one is magical! Most of the flowers died in the rain and wind though but al last week it was a treat!

söndag 15 maj 2011

Bohusrutan the tutorial!

Ok so I promised you a tutorial of Bohusrutan and it is here!

This is my first tutorial and there are a lot of pictures so please bear with me. I just don't know how many is enough so please let me know what you think of this. I put it up as a separate page and you can find it in the little "bar" right under my banner. I do hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think of it.