tisdag 24 maj 2011

A walk with the husband photographed with retro camera.

 So a couple of weeks ago Me and the husband went for a walk in the park close to where we live. It's a nice "tiny forest" sort of park that goes all the way down to the water.

When we had walked almost halfway I said that I shuld have brought the camera cause all the blogs had a Walk with the husband post at that time. He got all giddy cause he had got a new smartphone for his birthday and had just got the app called retro camera. So we photographed the walk with the husbands new phone. I took the photo above of him and the dog on our half way rest by the water but he has taken all the other photos.

 Typical Stockholm waterfront. Love the sign! Both me and the husband spent a lot of time in the archipelago when we were kids. And we share that love.

The dog loved it too, Even though in this picture he is doing his best too look like a monster. And no he is not growling at the camera he is chewing his stick and has got a little wood in his teeth that is the face he makes when getting it out.

 Then we move on and get a peek of the centre of this park, the tower. This tower is the reason the park is here. It was built by the same rich dude who had all the different trees imported and planted and the fruit trees planted down in the orchard. we have old castles in Sweden but this is not one of them this is built in the twenties and made to look like the German castles he had seen.

Lots of different kinds of trees means lots of different kinds of stick.

The way up to the tower is just lovely I really like the forest feel of this place even though it is in the city.

And the retro camera app doing its job pretty good too.

This is one of my favourite places in the park it is a low stone bench that says "in remembrance of a beloved mother" It just makes me so ad and happy at the same time every time I see it.

We are getting closer... It sure is big.

Super lovely tiny blue flowers, now since I didn't have the camera there are a lot less pictures of flowers then I would have taken but the husband at least took one... 

Finally at the gate. We didn't go in there is a reasturant  in there that is a tad expensive for us but we like looking at it from the outside. Can you see the bulldog peeking out over the door? I love that!

 And yes it is majestic when you are up close, he did have a great idea when building this even though it was quite crazy. At this point the camera was put away so I'm sorry to say you won't get to see the orchard but I hope you enjoyed the peek of our walk, retro style.

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