onsdag 27 april 2011

Birthday party! Sofa and skull cake.

I am a little behind on my knitting this week and the reason is we had a birthday! Z my husband, a.k.a "the best man ever", turned 28 so now we are the same age for a few months. We had set the birthday gathering as the "last day too finish" and that of course meant we had a thousand and one things to do this easter week. but on the other hand the place looks fab! Ok, you wanna see what took the most time?

 Yes we sewed a cower for the sofa! And I like so much I have made little dances in my living room.
As you understand I did not have any money too spend on this project. But I had a lot of fabric laying around. No piece big enough to cover the entire sofa and the two pillows we had stored away for later, But it was definitely enough all together. So I started my first ever quilting project and I'll tell you we were not friends the entire time. I am so happy to have a husband who is better at sewing than me and can save me when I get in over my head. And the result is a lot etter than I ever thought it would be!
Oh so you spotted that baby blanket did you? well I made that a few years ago for me but now we will actually have a baby for it!

And I just had to show you the sandwich-cakes (do you even have that word in english) me and my mom did for the birthday-boy. creepy I know...

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