torsdag 14 april 2011

Bunny rattle! Project no. 2

So I told you about the bunny rattle I'm making for my cousins baby and I told you it was supposed to be finished by Monday but I didn't tell you much else so here comes the project description for you.
First the yarn: 
It is an acrylic called lady from Järbo garn, it was a present from my husband. One of those supprise yarns from the supermarket. Cute and very well meant but not a great yarn to have laying around taking up space for a fiber snob like myself. For a baby toy though it is great, machine washable, sucking-friendly colours and matches the hat and cardi I already knit for this baby...

Aaaand the Bunny pattern I'm using is this. I'm just putting a small rattle made from the inside of a Kinder egg inside the head of the bunny.
And I think I will make it without even breaking a sweat! This is what I got done today! So glad about that! And also very happy about the fantastic weather that lets me sit outside in the sun and knit!

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