torsdag 28 april 2011

Meet my yarn, part 2. "the Indian acrylic"

Here we go: this weeks Meet my yarn!
Today we meet the acrylic my sister got me from her last four mounths stay in India. Well ok she got it for herself and acctually knitted a hat from it but when she got home she realised this was a bit more than she would ever use. So she (bless her soul) passed it on to me.

It is, according to her, what all the Indian women knit cardigans with and use to make pullovers for their husbands. At least the ones that were kind enough to teach her a little knitting (if I remember correctly). 
This yarn is a very "glittery" acrylic I have never seen this kind of glittery yarn in Europe. It has absolutely sublime colouring though I just love the deep but still bright colors. And it is soft to touch, softer than it looks. So becouse of that and the fact that it is a washable yarn (lets hope) makes me think of baby stuff. .

But I need too make some sort of test wash becouse everything from India I have washed so far has bleed like nothing else. I think they just don't use the same washing methods we do.
First I would like to make something small like a baby-hoodie maby this one. And then I wanted to make a big blanket in intarsia, I have a dream of using vintage embroidery patterns and transforming them into intarsia. 
But if that turns out to be to big a challenge I think I will just knit squares in garter stich and alternate the direction of them when I stitch them together. I hate seeming though so we will see what I feel is more of the pain in the but to me.
As usual, thanx for letting me ramble about what I think I might like to do with my yarn. And please feel free to comment...

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