onsdag 20 april 2011

Meet my yarn, part 1. "shawl drawer"


I will introduce you too some of my yarn every week and that way we will get to know the stash we are trying to get rid of here. I must admitt my stash is not bigger than some out there and since I have had a no buying policy in place for some time most of it I have got for free.This is a good thing for the simple reason of it's free but a bit annoying because I don't know what it is most of the time. When some one is going true there stash and give me a few odd balls of something they had left over from a project that usually means they still have the tags but when it is what was left from a shawl or even a UFO they could let me frog just to get rid of it, Then it has no tags and I am left guessing...  Today we will meet the "shawl drawer" and there is a LOT of those unidentified yarns in there.
It is called the shawl drawer because it is yarn that I would make shawls out of even if some of it is too small amounts for it.

 This is a yarn that I got in the form of a UFO that I frogged. It is a big ball of yarn and I am thinking something water-inspired, some sort of shawl pattern for it anyway.
This is a small ball of a lovely green laceweight I don't know what's in it but it feels like a silkblend of some sort but there is definitely some wool in it too it has the loveliest slightly varied colour and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it

This is  what's left after I did a shawlet for my mom and it is a super soft merino I think, maby a blend. It is a dream to work with and I am making matching fingerless mitts for her from this.

A great shawl yarn again, green wool blend shuld have some cotton in it or something. fantstic spring green no idea what to do with t.

Once again a small amount of a super pretty, and really thin yarn. this is really silky, and I think no wool at all. Lovely varied blue, no plan.

Ok and the last one a pastel fest, lots of colours but really ligh. I have already made a child sized icarus from this and I think I can get one more out of it, and I think maby I will.

Thanks for watching!

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