torsdag 14 april 2011

First project!

Ok, I have been moving to a new apartment in the same building and being ill on top of that but now we are back on track! I have started the first project on this stash-busting mission and I love it!

The yarn is a aade long artistic and It is magic the way the colour change soooo slow. I am truly loving it. I do think this yarn is a bit rough and it is not a next too the skin yarn but the colours make it all wort it and it makes really warming shawls.

The pattern is the Greek revival shawl that is a free pattern i found through ravelry. I had some trouble with the chart (I don't knit lace from written instructions) but now I am getting the hang of it and it is working out really good!

I am still really in love with this project and I think the yarn and the pattern is a perfect match, almost masculine. But this is a very slow project and will take a very long time so I'll have too fit in smaller short stuff in between to not get fed up with it all!
So too start that I have made a challenge for myself, I am gonna make a bunny rattle for my cousins baby that I am seeing on Monday! Yes I know what day it is today and I am aware that I still need to unpack stuff and sew a cower for the new sofa but hey whats life without a little challenge?

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