torsdag 5 maj 2011

All the colours of the garden!

 My home is mostly white even if all my stuff in it is a lot of colours. I like the light feel of it since we are in a basement, really. And all the colour I bring to the place sort of need a light background to work. 
 There is fog in the egg-terrarium today but outside the weather is better than it has been all week so out we go.

 And there is one of us who thinks there is only one sensible reason for going outside. Can you guess what he wants?
The egg cartons are Z's babies there are three kinds of chilli seeds in there and two more kinds inside in the window. My husband loves chilli and for the first time he is just as exited about growing something as I am. Tomorrow he is gonna try planting lime seeds and we'll see if we can get a lime plant to have in the window.
 The house we live in is a big one (we only live in a small part of it) and it has a big garden. The garden is K's, she is one of the original owners of the house and although all the owners of the apartments it has been turned into actually own it together (as I have understood) she is the one who has planted it and who looks after it and makes it the wonderful thing it is.
 Since I am out there a lot and always am super fascinated at how there is always something new happening I thought I'll share whats happening right now with you! And right now is colourfull!
 The small red tulips are in full bloom! They are soo bright. I get happy every time I see them. They are such a happy little beacon of colour and brighten up any place they grow.
The same goes for these beauties! They make me think so much of spring even though these are the slightly later big ones, the first was the mini versions that have passed already.
And speaking of yellow! There are three of these big bushes in the garden and they bloom beautifully! spectacular oceans of yellow! I am all giddy from joy and they were all buds just a few days ago they just exploded all of a sudden.

 The pink ones! There is always the pink ones these are bright and they grow everywhere Is you don't look out. But the flowers are great and they bloom long into summer.
Then there is the ferns I like them best just now when the are still uncurling, they make me think of a nightmare before Christmas and such films...
And then there is my favorite of all the flowers right now. I have no idea what it is called in english But it is a checkered flower! How cool is that! I am completly stunned!

The last act will be this tiny violet, there are only three of these small wonders in the entire garden but I love then they are so delicate and the blackline and the shape makes me think of orchids. Lovely little flowers!

That was all the colours of the garden right now thanx for stopping by and tomorrow I will try to photograph another drawer for meet my yarn, that is mostly for me I know...

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