måndag 9 maj 2011

The bohusruta! or the long lost pattern.

Yesterday was one of those wierd days that seems touched by faith. It all started with me finding the lovely blog  myrosevalley written by Annette. She had a lovely post about the bed thow her grandma (I think) gave her when she was sixteen, and wrote about how she found it again now that she was a crocheter herself and could not even figure out exactly how it was made.
I liked this post so much I even showed it to my husband and he liked it too and like me thought the throw was a genuine work of art.

Yesterday was also the day of the cushion covers! well today is also... we bought ten(!) cushions the other day at IKEA and they all need covers (but more on that in a later post) And when they all have covers they al need pretty fronts that I am gonna crochet, I have four sort of done, but I want them to wary so I was thinking out loud to my husband about this,
-One with stripes, one with zigzags, one big square, oh and one with tiny squares... what else?
-Could you make one that's a spiral?
- umh.. don't think so... but I have seen a spiral granny pattern somewhere.

So thats why when I was brushing my teeth I was trying to remember where on earth I had seen the spiral granny pattern and I remembered I have a small collection of patterns for crochet squares that I bought at a thrift shop up in Örnsköldsvik and maybe thats where I had seen a spiral? I went and got it from the shelf and just stood there staring at it cause there on the front was the pattern from the bed throw!
 The small booklet is from 1973 and called "crochet stars, a collection of old and new patterns". It says on the first page that the old patters in it are mostly from the 1800's and the year of 1900 and was sent in to the magazine as contenders in the Swedish national crochet competition.

And inside it is; the pattern for how to make your own Bohusruta! It is in Swedish and if you can read that you can just click the pick and read it of of there. but I am gonna try to make one and make a translation too English for the rest of you though I must admit I don't think I would ever make more than one of these they look HARD!.

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  1. Ja men hallå! Hur kymigt är inte detta? Där är den ju. Rutan. Som virkades någon gång på 80-talet och blev ett överkast till lilla mig. Helt fantastiskt. Och hur bloggvärlden för oss samman. Jag är så fascinerad! Ser ju ut som min säng på bilden där. SKa kolla in beskrivingen efter middagen. Kalaskul! Vad glad jag blir. Tack för att du delar med dig av detta. Ska genast skriva ett inlägg om att du har mönstret hos mig. Det måste delas med alla jag känner i bloggosfären. Jag har lånat bokbilden och länkar förstås!

  2. Sofisan, as I told Annette, I too have a tablecloth made by my Grandma--a long, long time ago, she was born in 1912!--of this pattern! But mine seems to be a little different, more like this one: http://handerpahaga.blogspot.com/2010/01/bohusruta.html that I found when I googled the word bohusruta. You can see Grandma's tablecloth here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58872962@N08/5489677318/in/set-72157626050490567/
    I'm getting to love blogland more and more as some things pop out of the past and begin to make sense :)

  3. I love that daisy square blanket! How adorable.

  4. Kismet! Who could ever imagine. And what a beautiful pattern. I would love to see this in English / American stitch translation, although like you said this looks very difficult and time consuming, I would probably only make one, ever. This one will be for me. :) If this is in English somewhere or you do your own translation, I would love to have this.