måndag 9 maj 2011

The cushion covers!

So I told you about the cushion covers and Tah daa! Here they are! they are all made from the tutorial Jacquie posted over at her blog Bunny Mummy.

 But I didn't crochet a border on them I just left them with a oversized blanket stitch. I think it makes them look kind of childish and like they are even smaller than they are. Like big miniatures... dose that make sense?

 Anyway, I love them they make me happy just as they are now but they are gonna get even prettier they are all getting crochet fronts, all granny variations. But the first four will look sort of the same...

These are the start of a big blanket for me but first of all It was taking way to long to make and second it was cotton and even though cotton is washable it would just be to heavy to put in the machine and with a baby coming, well that just wouldn't do. So the full size blanket for me have to wait... Maybe that's what I'll do with the Indian acrylic... Anyway, there where four of these sets of four so I just put borders on them to make them fit the cushions and sew them on. I have made one completely finished and one that is done but needs to be sewed on to it's cushion.

But I have been doing something else today too.. What is that, can you guess?

The dog knows but he ain't telling...

It is a bohusruta, and it was not as hard as it looked! 
I have taken photos of the entire process and started writing up a translated pattern /tutorial. I also tweaked the pattern a tad because there was this one thing I found strange so I changed it. But you will get a tutorial soon!

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