onsdag 11 maj 2011

Meet my yarn, part 3. The fuzzy drawer.

Ok, so you didn't get you yarn fix last week and I know some of you are just shaking with anticipation. (yes my idea of a joke) But there was so much going on last week , the pillows, the bohusruta and such I just didn't get around too it. But today is the day!

 The first of the fuzzies is not a finished yarn, it a super thin roving from Estonia a wool and fox hair mix that they make mittens out of, or so I thought before I understood that it is rowing, not yarn. If This is spun it must make a super thin yarn, right? I have actually knitted a pair of slippers in this and then felted them. It worked ok.

Next is the first of the mohairs, the lavender kitten mohair.this was bought for  Christmas present project that never happened. it is super fuzzy though and oh, so soft! Love it!

And the other kitten mohair, a cute spring green. This is two full balls that I have started way to many projects on that have then been frogged. I have learned that mohair knits up to a much bigger gage than you'd think from its thickness, so not completely in wain, huh?

The luxury mohair! this is one of those yarns I have been lucky enough to get from somebody else’s stash it is very thin and super fluffy, I would guess there is no acrylic at all in this. And the colour is just heavenly.

And then the last of the mohairs, this is "POP with mohair" and I think that is a great explanation of it it is 80% acryllic and just 20% mohair but it is fuzzy all the same. It is not as soft as the lovely little number above but it is a very stylish charcoal grey and I do have quite a bit of it. It could become a shrug for me, perhaps? Even though projects for me seem to never get done...

Then we have the "not fuzzy at all but still in the fuzzy drawer because that was the only place they fit"-yarns. They are first the plastic something, that was going to be flowers for the edges of my rubber boots but I never got the new rubber boots so I think I still have a bunch of flowers somewhere but now there is only the blue and the yellow left... I honestly have no idea what too do with this.

And lots of black ribbon from this weird shawl thing I used to have, it is all cut up into pieces but this I do use quite a lot. horrible pic though now that I look at it... oh well....

That's all for this time...
Oh, and the coffee cups are sorted chilli seeds, I really like the way they look so they are still out.

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