fredag 13 maj 2011

Progress report.

A post about how my knitting is going? I do say, is that not what this blog was supposed to be about? Well yes but... let's just say I had a lot of other things to tell you...
But here it is the the status report on the sally cardigan! This is a KAL and I am behind on it. Well I am by no means last ,some people haven't even started, but I am not on schedule and seeing as I don't have a job I should be.

So this is how far I have got on the cardigan. I was not sure it would fit since I didn't try it on after the big divide, but am very happy to see it did! I would say I am about half way down the body and if I am being completely honest it has been slow work lately since I have been doing other stuff. Presents for my mom  and stuff for the apartment and so on it is a problem I have I never seem to finish the stuff that is for me. So this time I am and I am not bailing out and making it cropped or short sleeved or something.

 So I have decided to make at least one pattern repeat a day at this until it is done. Just keep going no matter how slow. and no matter how many other project I can dream up. Because lately I have been coming up with way to many projects at once. And they are not all yarny ones...

So what else have I been up to? I have finished more cushion cover fronts even though they are not completely sewn on yet. 
And I will leave you with this mystery project and you can just guess what it will be...

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